Teether Peacock




The beautiful and graceful peacock is now a stunning baby teether. The Natruba peacock is easy to grip for small hands with different surfaces to encourage sensory play and the soft natural rubber easily satisfies all stages of sore gums. Teething just got so beautiful!
This elegantly handcrafted natural rubber toy is carefully hand sculpted & hand-painted with natural pigments.
 Natruba toys are lightweight and easy for little hands to hold, they stimulate and practice movement, eye-space coordination, and fine motor skills. Natruba toys are not only safe and strengthen your little one’s development but also inspire to bonding through play and close interaction.
Like all Natruba toys, this peacock is an all-natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic (PVC, BPA, Phthalates, and Nitrosamines free) toy, designed with no valve, which means no mold and bacteria can accumulate inside.
We create toys you can feel 100% secure about.

All Natruba toys are handmade, Danish design. Each toy is hand-sculpted and hand-painted, making each product unique.
Small errors and variations in details may therefore occur.
Colors may also vary, and may become weak or disappear over time, as these are natural pigments.

商品名稱 : Teether Peacock

品牌 : Natruba

評級: 全新

顏色 : Blue

材料 : 天然橡膠 Natural Rubber

配件 : 沒有配件







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